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About Affordable Dental Solutions in West Chester, PA

Affordable Dental Solutions has opened its second office in West Chester, PA after having incredible success with its flagship office in Reading, PA. We specialize in high quality dental implants, dentures, implant-retained dentures, and full mouth restorations in Chester, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties. Our office was formed with one mission: We take care of people by helping them to be healthy, easing their minds and fears, and delivering the highest quality of dentistry without compromise. We strive to do this at the lowest fee possible to allow us to benefit the greatest number of people.

Our practice has grown considerably, however, we have been vigilant and rigorous in our staffing practices to ensure that each and every person that we bring on embodies these same values. The bottom line for us is the amount of patients that get the actual care that they need at an affordable price instead of settling for lower quality dentistry or no care at all.

About Dr. Michelle Bernreuther

Dr. Bernreuther has been practicing with Affordable Dental Solutions since its opening in 2011. In her career she has pioneered the practice of placing Implants, restoring with implant-retained dentures, and full mouth restorations at an affordable fee! She has helped to expand Affordable Dental Solutions into into four locations: Reading, Pottstown, Easton, and West Chester, PA.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and Duke University, Dr. Bernreuther has a proven track record of staying on top of the latest techniques and procedures in dentistry. She is a graduate of the Surgical and Prosthetic Program for Dental Implants at the world-renowned Misch International Implant Institute. In addition she has a fellowship with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.